Jensen Huang: Nvidia CEO talks about the GPU build at Intel

Jensen Huang: Nvidia-CEO spricht über die GPU-Fertigung bei Intel

Asked if Nvidia might envision Intel building GPUs in the future, CEO Jensen Huang said yes at GTC 2022. Intel CEO Gelsinger showed the opposite Reuters Pleased with this openness and said to be ongoing, albeit still very vague, talks. This is no surprise.

Intel wants Nvidia and Nvidia to think about it

As the keynote speaker at the GTC 2022 in-house exhibit, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang invited reporters for a question-and-answer session on Wednesday. Against the backdrop of currently tense supply conditions for the chips, Huang was asked about options for TSMC and Samsung, which are currently makers of Nvidia’s products.

huang Having saidThat Intel is very interested in Nvidia as a future customer and that Nvidia is very interested in exploring this opportunity. While changing the contract maker is not a decision that can be made in the short term and certainly cannot be implemented in the short term, Huang downplayed expectations for timely results. Furthermore, Intel is still at the beginning with its contract manufacturer ambitions, and competing with the world’s No. 1 TSMC won’t be easy – a clear sign for Intel that getting to Nvidia won’t be easy.

Intel also wants to be TSMC and Samsung

Over the years, Intel has been pursuing two goals in manufacturing: on the one hand, manufacturing should again become the most modern in the world, and on the other, it should be available not only for its products, but also for external customers. , By selling its own manufacturing technology to customers, Intel can not only significantly increase the Group’s sales, but it can also make major investments in locations and technologies, which will benefit the long-term competitiveness of its own processes and facilities. Intel is currently ranked 9th among the world’s largest contract manufacturers with only one acquisition.

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no big surprise

Even if Tenor is different in many places on the net, it wouldn’t be as surprising given the potential collaboration between Intel and Nvidia in production. Intel has been investing billions in the expansion and growth of manufacturing for years. However, it still lacks major customers to make it from small to large contract manufacturer. A company like Nvidia, which needs millions of (large) chips but can’t manufacture one itself, fits very well. Nvidia, on the other hand, would certainly prefer a less hotly contested, possibly even cheaper, alternative to TSMC.

success depends on the process

In the past, Intel had neither the technology nor the manufacturer’s goal of making its production available to external customers. Objectives have changed drastically and investments are also being made in factories. Ultimately, the only question is whether the processes offered will be able to meet the expectations of customers like Nvidia. If that’s the case, there’s little to stop Nvidia from building Intel in the future.

Talking about it in principle in GTC 2022 doesn’t hurt either side. Quite the contrary: Nvidia is indicating to TSMC, where Ada will be manufactured in addition to Hopper in the future, that the partnership is being continually tested. And Intel is showing other potential customers that even Nvidia isn’t against change.


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