Jesse has a second cell phone secretly – what’s that all about?

Jesse has a second cell phone secretly - what's that all about?

Many fans may have figured out by now that there is something wrong with GZSZ newcomer Jesse. But what secret does Jesse carry with her from her past? Warning, spoilers follow!

Good Times, Bad Times (GZSZ)

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Good Times, Bad Times (GZSZ)

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It is still difficult to accurately assess the newcomers in GZSZ: Nina’s sister Jesse is not well received by all neighborhood residents and has already caused quite a stir. The lively young woman turned her head to the tuner as well. But although Jesse turns to the young entrepreneur, she always takes a step back as soon as things can get serious between the two. we have already guessed Is Jessie just behind the tuner’s money is here. The assumption may be true – but for a completely different reason…

Suspicious action: what does Carlos want from Jesse?

There’s going to be a strange sighting at Kole-Kies in the coming week – you can see it with a RTL+ Premium Account still. After the tuner posted a photo of herself and Jesse on the social network, Jesse immediately asked her to delete the picture. Then she secretly swaps the SIM cards in her cell phone and then pulls up her caller list: Hole 675 missed calls Her ex-husband Carlos can be seen on the cell phone screen. Jessis seems concerned and quickly replaces the little chip again.

Who is this all about? Apparently her ex-husband is trying to contact her immediately. It is also suspected that the tuner should immediately remove the joint photo with Jesse. Doesn’t Jesse wish Carlos could follow his new life? Is she harassed, bullied or even blackmailed by him and that’s why she clearly follows the tuners heels?

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Social media plays a major role in Kolle-Kiez. You can find out which stars like to privately share content from their lives in the video:

It’s clear that Jesse is probably carrying a big secret that has to do with her past or Carlos. Now it’s time to find out what’s really behind Jesse’s ominous behavior… “good times Bad Times” You can always watch it Monday through Friday at 7:40 pm RTL.

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