Joker malware affected 14 Google Play Store apps details

Joker malware affected 14 Google Play Store apps details

Joker malware attacks Android apps again: Is it safe to download apps from Play Store? Many people have doubts about this. However, cyber experts say that Android application(s) also have plenty of opportunities for viruses to attack devices in the form of code. In this context, there are some important things to keep in mind while downloading apps. Otherwise malware like joker.. echo all the data on the device!

Although Google has been on the lookout for the ‘Joker’ malware, which has been rampant since 2017, it makes an impact through apps that don’t have strong coding. Kaspersky analyst Tanya Shishkova says the Joker has recently been spotted in 14 Android apps. Shishkova says the data-stealing malware works by altering the coding in apps, thereby tampering with contact lists, device information, OTPs and SMS. Shishkova warns Android users that the risk is even greater if they are not alert to this malware hidden in the code.

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Video: see what the joker does

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