KDE Framework 5.92: Free Linux Ecosystem With Improvements Released

KDE Frameworks 5.92: Freies Linux-Ökosystem mit Verbesserungen erschienen

The KDE Framework, the free ecosystem for the desktop KDE Plasma, has received several improvements in the latest version 5.92 and is already in place with the in-house Linux distribution KDE Neon and the recently updated collection of application programs KDE Gear 21.12.2. can be used together. Can be tried as a live system.

KDE Plasma continues to make progress

The KDE Framework, a collection of libraries and software frameworks available for all Qt-based software stacks and applications, especially many operating systems such as Linux, but also Windows, macOS and Haiku, the latest version 5.92, includes an operating system with a hybrid kernel. 83 Extensions, further improvements to the so called add-on library.

Specifically, the in-house file manager dolphinLightweight Spectacle Screenshot Utility and Display Server Protocol wayland Get further customization.


More information about extensive adjustments to over 40 out of 83 extensions for the free desktop can be found in the detailed official ones. release notes From KDE Framework 5.92.

Highly customizable desktop with multiple features

The YouTube channel “LinuxScoop”, specializing in Linux, shows how adaptable KDE Plasma, KDE Gear and KDE Framework are now in a 30-minute video that shows off KDE Plasma in the guise of macOS and how to get there .

The project page on the developer platform provides more information GitHub And gitlab as well as the official one venue,

Try KDE Plasma with KDE Neon

Users who want to try out the latest Plasma Desktop can do so with KDE Neon. The in-house Linux distribution of the KDE project is designed to present the free desktop in the best possible way.

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KDE Neon is an Ubuntu derivative with the latest KDE Plasma and, along with Ubuntu LTS, provides a stable base to put the flexible and highly customizable desktop environment through its paces.

As always, the latest build of KDE Neon can be downloaded from the Computerbase download area just below this message.


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    KDE Neon is a distribution developed by KDE based on the latest Ubuntu LTS version.


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