Kings of Crypto: How the Start-up Shake Up Wall Street with Bitcoin & Co.

Kings of Crypto: How the Start-up Shake Up Wall Street with Bitcoin & Co.

Brian Armstrong is the CEO of Coinbase – the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. Several years ago, he was fascinated by bitcoin, which was brought to the world in 2008 by the famous pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. His enthusiasm resulted in and is one of the most exciting financial stories of recent years. For the first time, the story surrounding the creation and rise of Coinbase was spelled out. With “Kings of Crypto” by Jeff John Roberts, one of the world’s leading crypto journalists, crypto fans are now delving deeper into the crypto scene than ever before.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. are more hyped and popular than ever before. The largest US crypto exchange Coinbase also played a significant role in this. Since it was founded almost 10 years ago, Coinbase has ensured that everyone can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with ease. “Kings of Crypto” Now shows how the crypto scene went from a vaguely niche topic for technology to one of the biggest setbacks for Wall Street and the classic financial system.

“Two and a half years later walking through the doors of Y Combinator, Armstrong was more fixated on bitcoin than ever before. In the meantime, he himself had developed a special knowledge about the currency, which he soon wanted to bring to millions of people.

Jeff John Roberts “Kings of Crypto”

From the “Master Plan for the Future of Cryptocurrency” to the Time When Everyone Thought Bitcoin Was Already Dead: Thanks to Multiple Interviews and In-depth Research with Those Involved, Roberts Through the Extraordinary History of Start-up Coinbase guide the reader. He provides an unprecedented insight into the world of Silicon Valley and into the world of Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong, who has remained deeply always a tech fanatic and software developer fascinated by bitcoin.

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Mega-event crypto with all its aspects: “Kings of Crypto” This is a must read for anyone wishing to delve deeper into the world of the digital currency bitcoin.

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