Lakka 4.0 with RetroArch 1.10.1: Turns Lightweight Linux Mini PCs into Game Consoles

Lakka 4.0 mit RetroArch 1.10.1: Linux-Leichtgewicht macht Mini-PCs zur Spielkonsole

Finnish Linux Distribution Lakka Based on the free media player software LibreELEC, RetroArch turns a mini PC such as the Raspberry Pi 4 or Pi 3 into a true retro game console in just a few steps for platforms from Atari and Nintendo for the Sega and Sony PlayStation.

More than 50 retro platforms in one system

LibreELECas a fork on code based operating system OpenELECand open and cross-platform front-ends for emulators, game engines, and video games retroarch From March 6th in the latest version 1.10.1 make the foundation of Lakka 4.0. It is the latest version of Linux Lightweight, small but fairly widespread among retro gaming distributions.

Lakka 4.0 uses RetroArch 1.10.1 to emulate the Retro gaming console (Image: RetroArch)

Mesa 22.0.0 and Linux 5.10 LTS

official release notes In addition to the new graphics API Mesa 22.0.0, they also list an updated system kernel. Lakka 4.0 is now based on Linux 5.10 LTS and as of December 2029 and included.

Version 3.7. change since
  • LibreELEC 10.0.2 . build a system based on
  • RetroArch 1.10.1 . updated on
  • Cores updated to their most recent versions
    • superbroswar: New libretro core added
    • sameduck: added new libretro core
  • Mesa 22.0.0 . updated on
  • Mainline kernel updated to 5.10.103 (PC, Amlogic, Allwinner, NXP)
  • Raspberry kernel 5.10.95 . updated on
  • Most arm devices need aarch64 . switched to
  • Rockchip RK3288, RK3328 and RK3399 Mainline Kernel 5.10.76 . switched to
  • Added support for additional Allwinner and Amlogic devices (not tested on our side, as we don’t have many of these devices)
  • Nintendo Switch: A complete rewrite of the port with many improvements and enhancements
  • Tinkerboard and MiQi now use the common system RK3288 (hence the change in image names); You need to have an empty file named .nocompat In /storage/.update folder / Update samba share

Lake 4.0 Release Notes

The update also includes new firmware for the popular Raspberry Pi series single-board computers and a bug fix for internal and discrete Intel GPUs.

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Play classics with more ease

Many retro game classics, for which the user must have free or officially purchased ISO files, are supported by Lakka 4.0 and the powerful libretro api Upgraded with many comfort features.

The feature set includes, among other things, significantly improved shaders, a rewind option for the current score, and the ability to save at any time.

The distribution natively supports Xbox 360 controllers as well as the DualShock 3 and DualShock 4.

New system images for x86_64 and ARM64

Retro distribution is as both x86 System Image (img) For installation in two versions for ordinary desktop PCs as well as for ARM64 platforms such as Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 4 or Pi 400, BananaPi or 1st and 2nd generation Cubiboards. Specially optimized system images are maintained by download area ready.

Youtube channel “RetroArch and LibratroShows step by step how to install Lakka 4.0.

Information: The authors point out that bypassing effective copy protection is not allowed in Germany. Using an ISO file is only legal if it was published by the creator or if the game concerned is now open source or Parikha is applicable.

The Lakka 4.0 operating system itself does not use any original or manipulated firmware from the emulated system, but merely replicates it.


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