Lastly, WhatsApp will soon introduce a new feature for the users who have long pending

Lastly, WhatsApp will soon introduce a new feature for the users who have long pending

The WhatsApp application is undergoing several powerful tests to add new features, improve the level of service provided to them and increase the level of security to meet the aspirations of the customers. The new feature gives users the option to hide their profile pictures, on the service, from people who have been added to their contact list, and new options allow the ability to hide “that is, none” pictures from everyone. .

hide whatsapp profile pictures

It is expected that the WhatsApp application will add a service to hide profile pictures from specific contacts, but according to WhatsApp features, it may include a feature to hide profiles from my contacts, and WhatsApp is testing a new option. Used to be. Allows to hide your profile pictures from a specific contact, the testing process is performed on the trial version of the application on Android.

The new beta version of the WhatsApp application is adding new hidden paths for more privacy options on Android phones, and has survived testing the “Except My Contacts” option for WhatsApp profile pictures, but has expanded to premium services on the application. He is going. Include last seen status updates.

WhatsApp launches backup encryption feature

And WhatsApp is rolling out new options for Try My Contacts, with the exception of adding a Last Seen feature as well. WhatsApp new encryption service during the last period.

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