Latvia revaccinates its entire population, vaccinated or unvaccinated, for almost a month


The Latvian Prime Minister announced the reunification of the country by 15 November. This measure will not differentiate between vaccinated and non-vaccinated people.

Latvian Prime Minister Krisgenis Karins on Monday announced a nearly month-long lockdown in his country due to the resurgence of the pandemic and low vaccination rates.

“I apologize to those who have already been vaccinated, but the restrictions will apply to everyone,” Karins insisted to the press after a ten-hour meeting of his government.

“There are still many people who haven’t been vaccinated who catch COVID and die in the hospital,” he said.

Curfew, shop closed, distance school…

Containment will last from Thursday to November 15, there will be a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am, cafes, cinemas, theaters and concert halls will remain closed, and restaurants will only be able to offer take-out food.

Only stores selling food and essentials will be able to remain open and most of the workforce will have to work remotely, with the exception of construction, transportation and other jobs that cannot be done by telecommuting.

Schools will also switch to distance learning, except for the youngest children up to the third level of primary school, who will be able to continue to visit establishments.

These measures are likely to be amended in another government meeting in the parliamentary session on Tuesday or Wednesday before the vote.

Vaccination rate less than 50%

Less than half of the 1.9 million Latvians have received two doses of the COVID vaccine, which can lead to a month-long epidemic.

The record for infections has been broken for every day last week, with 1,253 new cases and seven deaths reported on Monday.

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This brings the total to 186,000 infections and 2,897 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

AFP. with Fran├žois de la Tell


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