leak changes directly from the provider

leak changes directly from the provider

From Andrew Link ,
You don’t get leaks straight from the manufacturer every day, so the information about 700 PCH, which should be used at Raptor Lake, is particularly good.

Perhaps unintentionally, Intel announced details about the 700 PCH, which will only appear in the fall with next-generation processors. The data sheet shows a fairly manageable change, which was probably to be expected. After this information level the Z790, H770 and B760 will be introduced. Hence the H610 will not get the update. It is not clear whether this is generally the case or applies only to the beginning.

In the Z790, the range of PCI Express lanes will be expanded – from 12 to 20, specifically in Format 4.0. In turn, lanes will be reduced from 16 to 8 in standard 3.0. In addition, (extended) support is implemented USB 3.2 Gen 2×2, which then delivers 20 Gb/s. The H770 also gets more PCI Express lanes in Format 4.0, but here it goes from 12 to 16 lanes NSR, while 3.0 has been reduced from 12 to 8; Whereas the B760 has been upgraded from 6 to 10 lanes PCI Express 4.0, and moves from 8 to 4 lanes in 3.0.

Intel 700 Series PCH: Leakage of Changes Directly from the Provider (2)

Source: Intel

As always, lanes are the maximum number of lanes that the mainboard manufacturer can plan. Exactly how they do it varies from product to product. The general division seems to have changed very little. here you can Based on our contribution to the Alter Lakes Program, No other changes are planned based on the leaked data sheet. The socket was slightly more extensive after conversion in 1700, with Raptor Lake becoming quieter. The rumor mill says that the CPU is more of an evolution than a revolution anyway. The targeted release is in the fourth quarter of 2022 – some had suggested that a presentation could be envisioned in September.

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Source: Intelvia twitter (@unikoshardware,


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