Leak says that the first Apple device like it will be released with iPhone 12 – BGR

Leak says that the first Apple device like it will be released with iPhone 12 - BGR
  • Apple Pal’s annual iPhone event will be held in late September or early October.
  • With the exception of the new iPhone 12 models with 5G support, it is rumored that Apple Pal will finally introduce AirTags, designed to compete with accessory tile trackers.
  • Ahead of the unveiling of the new iPhones and AirTags, we can also expect that Apple Fall will introduce a next-gen Apple Apple Watch later this fall.

Since the coronavirus epidemic still dominates the headlines, it’s not surprising that Apple’s annual iPhone media events don’t count as much as in previous years. Although Apple Play has not yet sent out official invitations, it is rumored that the company will unveil the iPhone 12 – along with some other products – in late September or early October. Apple Paul’s iPhone events usually take place in mid-September, but the timeline may be moved back slightly due to coronavirus-related product delays.

While Apple’s upcoming event will naturally be dominated by the company’s new iPhone lineup, that’s not to say we shouldn’t let Apple Paul come as a surprise to us. According to the latest post From Makotkara – which Apple Pull has a very solid track record in terms of rumors – Apple Pull will finally introduce airtags this fall, a long-rumored product designed to compete with tile trackers.

“According to information from a Chinese supplier, Apple is preparing to announce a loss-making ‘air tag’ in the event line event of the iPhone 12 series,” the report said.

Unknown issues are forcing Apple Pal to pull back the release date by a few months before the year accessory was initially slated to be released with the next-gen-iPhone SE earlier this year.

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Incidentally, the difficulties with the Airmbus regarding the launch of the Apple Pal have been lingering for months at this stage, a fact that makes Makotkara Post all more sensible. It’s worth noting that reputable Apple Pull analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – who also has an impressive record in keeping with Apple Pull rumors – previously discussed releasing the Apple Pile tile-inspired device tracker assistant. Next, over the past few months developers have found a few references to the buried buried product in various iOS releases.

Beyond the iPhone 12 and Airtags, the report also hints that Apple will release the next-gen Apple Watch this year. And given that the recent Apple Pal Watch release was clearly an additional upgrade, we can only hope we see a more significant improvement this year.

All told, there’s no denying that Apple’s next media event will feature the company’s new iPhone as the main event. As we covered earlier, Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup is set to become particularly ambitious, with the company preparing to launch four iPhone models, all with support for OLED displays and 5G connectivity. From what we’ve collected so far, Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup will have two Pro models with 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch displays and lower-end devices with 6.1-inch and 5.4-inch displays.

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