Learn how to recover or change your Gmail password

Learn how to recover or change your Gmail password

Gmail is one of the most popular email services around the world, and you need it to be able to use the Android system. But many people around the world forget their account password, which means they can’t access or use the account on the new phone.

Gmail offers various features other than e-mail messaging, and you can access various Google services through it, so you can follow these steps to be able to recover your Gmail password.

Recover forgotten Gmail password:

Google allows you to recover your password if you forget your password, and this is only after you are sure that you are the real owner of this account.

To recover your Gmail password, follow these steps:
Go to the Gmail login page, and enter your email address.

Then click on the Forgot Password button given below.
Google then starts asking you a few questions, which vary depending on the security settings you entered when you first created the account.

It may initially ask you to enter the phone number registered with the platform.
Or enter the verification code from the Google Authenticator app for two-step authentication.
Or confirm the alert you receive on the phone by pressing .

You may be required to enter a code that you received on the phone, but you may also be asked to enter your last remembered password or to answer secret questions provided when you set up your Gmail account for the first time.

The platform stops trying to reset the password if it gets it wrong more than three times in a row, and the same applies to trying different methods.

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This means that Google will not allow you to recover your Gmail password if you bypass more than one method without successfully recovering it.

change the password:

You can change the password directly from the Google account, but it is better to do it through a personal account and not through a mobile phone.

You must first log in to your account before proceeding to change your password.
You can go directly to your Google Account settings by clicking on your profile picture at the top and then selecting Manage Google Account.

After that, click on Security Settings and then select Password, and the platform may ask to enter the password again.

When you are finished entering and confirming the new password, click the Change Password button.
After that, Google will sign you out of all devices where you’ve logged in with your old password.

And you have to sign in again with your new Gmail password.


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