Lego abandons Mindstorms: all the info from the iconic series


LEGO will no longer continue Mindstorms and there will be no successor: all information about the end of Mindstorms.

LEGO unfortunately announced today that they will be discontinuing a very well known and popular series of products: Lego Mindstorms. Since the late 90s, the robotics theme has enriched hobbyists, schools and research institutes to develop their own robot and machine building and for people with and without programming knowledge. The heart of every Mindstorms set was the Intelligent Hub, which could run program code that had previously been clicked together on a PC, tablet or mobile phone and programmed for experienced developers. An entire community has been built around this theme, which, among other things, organizes robot competitions (such as World Robot Olympiad), which of course can also switch to other offerings like Spike, Boost or the classic Technic-powered up-hub.

It’s important to mention that in addition to the current Mindstorms set (51515) and individual hub (88016), the associated Lego Technic M angle motor (88018) will apparently also work:

According to the press release, the 88018 medium-sized angle motor is also being phased out

Current Mindstorms Key Data Sets

Press release

The following press release has been translated automatically from English:

Since its launch in September 1998, LEGO Mindstorms has been one of the most significant ‘build and code’ experiences in the company’s brand equity portfolio, becoming an extraordinary experience for those involved in the early days of consumer robotics and whose The result is the current build and code. Lego Education Education, the Spike Prime-like experience from the Lego Learning System.

However, since we now have multiple priorities in LEGO education and other build and code experiences, we have decided to focus our resources and future plans by relocating our MINDSTORMS robot inventor team and other areas of the company.

This means that physical products MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor (51515) and (88016 and 88018) will leave our portfolio from the end of 2022, while digital platforms – such as the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor app – will remain operational until at least the end of 2022. 2024.

We firmly believe in the Build & Code offering and will continue to support it through platforms like Spike Prime. And we are committed to the MINDSTORMS brand and exploring our future plans with LEGO Education.

– lego group


We also reported on Lego Mindstorms several times. Once upon a time a survey was done by LEGO, what do people think? Fusion of Porsche and Lego Mindstorms Will wear And Johann showed us how practical it is Furnish your city with LEGO Mindstorms could. music is one for friends little talk cover, You can find many more articles about Lego Mindstorms Here,

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personal opinion

yellow block | © Johann Herke

I have one of the first Mindstorms sets (3804) and found it – still at that time with a yellow stone as the centerpiece – attractive with its three entrances and exits. Unfortunately, you already have Ultimate Mindstorms set released Seen: Savings made here, as the new Smart Hub was technically a step back compared to the previous EV3 series. The EV3 Hub also had a total of four inputs and four outputs (or maybe eight combined ports?), a display, and an SD card slot. The current Mindstorms Hub is similar to the Spike Hub and has only six powered up connections (which can be used as inputs or outputs). Hardware specifications are also less. In my opinion, it was already anticipated that the budget here would be significantly reduced. The above message shocked and saddened me – but it’s also a bit understandable.


LEGO Mindstorms 31313 EV3 from 2003 | © Lego Group

How do you feel about Lego Mindstorms? Do you mourn the series or have you never had any contact with it? Write your opinion in the comments!


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