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Let's tour the

Participants who enjoy the attractions of the area by cycling around the spot

The cycling event “Ride Around in Tagajo with Shichigahama”, where you can cycle around the city and enjoy the local attractions, delicious food and culture, began on the 2nd in Tagajo City and Shichigahama Town, Miyagi Prefecture. As of the end of November, it is part of the 1300th anniversary of the founding of Tagazo. Participants use a smartphone app to compete for the number of points they have achieved by exploring designated spots on their bicycles.
Use the smartphone location information service application “Map Life”. You can freely visit around 100 places like famous places, facilities and restaurants displayed on the map of the app. When you get close to the spot, you can check in on the app and earn points.
Some locations even have additional “missions”. You can score more points if you meet conditions such as dining in a restaurant or submitting a landscape photograph taken to the facility staff concerned.
The spots are lined with famous places such as the prefecture’s only National Special Historic Landmark “Tagaj Ruins” and the ruins of the government office of “Tamonzan”, one of Japan’s three most scenic spots and four prominent views of Matsushima, and several deep spots. There are also shrines in the area belonging to the historical capital Tagajo. ..
At the event, you can enjoy the attractions of the area by using the city as a theme park. Ango Sato (12), a sixth-year student at Sanno Elementary School in the same city who attended with his father, smiled, “It’s fun to watch because there are so many places I don’t know.”
Takayuki Suzuki, advisor in charge of the mayor’s office, preached that “you can enjoy community-based sightseeing by visiting places that are difficult to reach by car or sightseeing bus.”
Since you can start independently on your own schedule, it’s easy to avoid the “three dense” by distributing participants.
There are four categories: general, female, family and over 60, and the top prize winners will receive prizes such as housing vouchers and product sets. Collected points can be exchanged for profit. At the Tagajo City Tourist Information Center and Shichigahama Town Tourism Exchange Center, you can get exclusive products and goods at points.
Participation is free. Register from the official website. Anyone with a bicycle and a smartphone can participate. You will need to prepare your own helmet and insurance.
The event is sponsored by the Tagaj 1300th Anniversary Project Executive Committee, formed by the prefecture, Tagaj City and the Kahoku Shinposha. The contact information for building civic culture in the mayor’s office is 022 (368) 1141.

“Ride Around” Official Website
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