Lightning weather report includes: How France wants to save energy

Lightning weather report includes: How France wants to save energy

The National Energy Savings Plan, unveiled by the government in Paris on Thursday, also relies on helping the population to reduce private consumption. One of the most important points in the 15-point list is the call for private households and companies to save on heating and lighting and work from home. Financial incentives for car sharing and restrictions on the availability of hot water in public buildings are also planned.

Energy Minister Agnes Pannier-Rancher said in Paris that it was necessary to “act now”. The fight against high energy prices will not end after this winter. He stressed that the measures have been taken in consultation with the economy. The starting point for the 10% deduction is 2019. President Emmanuel Macron said that saving energy means saving cost. But it doesn’t mean “low production”. Instead, economy means profit in efficiency.

19 degrees, but “no temperature cops”

Homes and companies have been called on to heat indoor spaces to a maximum of 19 degrees. “It’s not mandatory, there will be no temperature police,” said Energy Minister Panier-Rancher. The heating period should also be shortened to two weeks at the beginning and end. In the future, published advertisements should be stopped between 1 pm and 6 am at night, although there are exceptions for airports and train stations. Air-conditioned shops are no longer allowed to leave their doors open.

weather report for lightning

The media were asked to accompany the government’s energy saving plan in advance. Many major media outlets, notably radio and television, have resolved to include “energy weather” in their weather programs to let people know when the power grid is particularly busy and when the washing machine or oven is not working. It is better to do

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The voltage status of the network is indicated with the help of a color code – green, yellow and red – reported the newspaper “Le Parisien”. Four out of five people are expected to reach on the way. By adjusting power consumption, the population should be helped to avoid interruptions in supply. The national grid supplier RTE also puts the load information on the electricity grid on the Internet under the motto “Ecowatt”.

A green icon indicates power consumption, a yellow icon means the system is under load, and a red icon means there is a risk of supply disruption if consumption is not reduced. People are then asked to reduce their consumption between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., for example by washing their clothes at different times or cooking a dish from the oven. Postpone. France should not come to a standstill in these moments, but rather reduce consumption slightly, it said.

Power plants have been extended

Supply fears in the nuclear power country of France are related to the fact that the old power plant park of national energy company EDF is weakening. Half of the 56 nuclear power plants are currently off the grid for maintenance. It remains to be seen whether the government’s warning to restart and re-run until winter can be implemented. France relies on electricity supplies from Germany and wants to help its neighbors with gas. In addition, France’s last coal-fired power plant was restarted for a limited period in Lorraine, near Saarbrücken.

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hot water turned off remotely

Another measure that is reminiscent of a science fiction film is surprising: to prevent a blackout, network operator RTE will remotely interfere with hot water consumption in some 4.3 million homes in France. Anyone who already has an automatic electricity meter, called a “Linkie”, installed and has an electricity contract with separate tariffs for off-peak and peak consumption times. Hot water production in the apartment becomes impossible between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

As reported by “Le Parisien”, the range of off-peak hours will narrow between mid-October and mid-April. “Linky” not only transmits consumption data, but can also receive commands remotely for not heating the hot water reservoir at certain times. Hot water treatment makes up ten to 14 percent of household electricity consumption, the network operator justifies the move.


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