Link to inquiry and pay landline bill .. December

Link to inquiry and pay landline bill .. December

With the end of each month, the Google search engine searches for a “land phone bill” with which users want to know the value of the landline phone bill, and in light of the Egyptian telecom company, the company responsible for the landline phone lines, For investigation methods and bill payment facilities. Through a smartphone or computer, we provide you plus content to inquire about landline phone bill and pay it online.

How to inquire about landline phone bill

Telecom Egypt offers a service to inquire about a landline bill, in addition to making online payments via electronic payment methods, and the company has in recent periods been exposed to the extraordinary circumstances arising from the coronavirus virus and the resulting precaution Due to the measures developed this service.

You can inquire about landline phone bill here.

Electronic payment method for landline phone bill

By entering the link, you have to enter the area code and landline number, then click “show bill”.

And if you want to know how to pay a landline phone bill, you can pay it through the following steps:

  1. After writing the data and clicking “View Invoice”, the bill value will appear for you.
  2. Click on the “Choose to pay” option.
  3. Click “Pay” at the top of the screen.
  4. Write an email when another page appears to complete the payment process.
  5. Click on “Pay”.
  6. Choose the electronic payment method, whether by “Visa” or “MasterCard”, and thus you will have successfully paid your bill.

Additional services on landline phone bill

“Broad bill” service

Which provides knowledge of the details of consumption of provinces and mobile calls, as well as internet and voice service, and detailed bills can also be obtained by e-mail or fax, and this service includes an additional 2 pounds for monthly bills and The quarterly bill costs 6 pounds.

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