Many AS Roma players can’t sleep because of Fortnite

Many AS Roma players can't sleep because of Fortnite


Famous Football Club Manager, Jose Mourinho, revealed that the team he coached was named AS Roma, with some players often lacking sleep. The reason for this is to be influenced by the battle royale game, Fortnite.

In one of the content uploaded to Twitter, Mourinho was given a question in the form of words. Then, this Portuguese coach was asked to give his personal opinion.

When inserting the word ‘Fortnite’ he described the game as a nightmare. Many players are willing to stay up late just because they play this game created by Epic Games.

“Players still play this game every night. Then the next day or so, they have a football match,” said Mourinho, as quoted by detikINET from Twitter As Roma English, Tuesday (3/8/2021) has been cited.

Contrary to opinion he expressed against instagram. Mourinho said the social media application was fun.

The man who earned the nickname The Special One said it straight, relaxed and even smiled. Unfortunately, Fortnite could remain a nightmare for him.

It is believed that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is coming soon. Maybe when AS Roma start next season’s matches.

Also some updates are coming. It looks like Mourinho will have to put in more effort so that his players don’t delay playing the popular battle royale game.

Breaking News, fortnite The international singer will be hosting The Rift Tour, a show in collaboration with Ariana Grande. Players can enjoy this program from 6-8 August 2021 with a separate broadcast schedule.

The Fortnite Team wrote, “We recommend that fans come to the game 60 minutes before show time. The Rift Tour playlist must go live 30 minutes before each show.”

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“Take a musical journey with a magical new experience,” he said.

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