Mass Effect Legendary Edition remaster and Mass Effect 4 confirmed

Mass Effect Legendary Edition remaster and Mass Effect 4 confirmed

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – It’s Real and Coming Soon (Picture: Bioware)

Bioware has finally announced a reminder of the original Mass Effect trilogy, as well as confirmed that they have begun work on Mass Effect 4.

This The worst-kept secret in gaming is no longer a mystery, as Bioware and EA all announce long-awaited remasters of the original Mass Effect games.

The delay in the announcement was due to a coronavirus, and the uncertainty of when the rest will end, but Bioware is claiming that the legendary edition will arrive in the spring of 2021.

The announcement was made as part of N7 Day – a traditional celebration of the Mass Effect – for which most of the original voice and cast were reunited for a fan online fan event, in which Bioware was unveiled. On the blog That they have been doing the rest of the work ‘for many months’.

This is a remaster, not a full remake, but Bioware will promise an updated, ‘Textures, Shadows, Models, Effects and Technical Features’.

Super optimized for 4K Ultra HD also promises ‘super-sharp resolution, fast frame rate and beautiful visual enhancement’. There’s no footage though, and you can see the trailer is labeled as ‘no real gameplay’.

Original director Casey Hudson writes: “Original director Casey Hudson, who recently rejoined as general manager, writes:” Our goal was not to remake or innovate the original games, but to modernize the experience Can feel in form. ‘

Rumors suggest that another reason for the delay was the difficulty in modernizing the first entry, which was less of an action game and more of a role-player than the other two.

The Legendary Edition will include all original single-player content and DLC for all three games, including rare promotional weapons, armor and other extras. This means that the multiplayer modes of Mass Effect 2 and 3 will not be included.

The rest of the collection with ‘Forward Compatibility and Targeted Enhancements’ will be released on Xbox One X Series X / S and PlayStation 5 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Mass Effect 4 Artwork

By filename (Picture: Byware)

Not only that, Hudson also confirmed that the ‘experienced team’ (i.e. not scrubs but Mass Effect: Andromeda) is already working on the ‘next chapter of the Mass Effect universe’.

The artwork above is not labeled on the blog but its filename refers to the ship as ‘mud-captain’, which is not something out of the original triangle – so this may be our first look at Mass Effect 4.

The new game has been described as an early stage of development, but there is a good chance that it will use data saved from the original trilogy, now that they are again available on modern formats.

That means Bayware is currently working on the other two, Mass Effect 4, The New Dragon Age, and Anthem and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

He doesn’t seem to be leaving much of the potential for the long-awaited new Knights of the Old Republic game, which owns both EA Buyware and Star Wars licenses, as he seems a complete no-brainer. But if it does, it looks like it will have a longer wait than expected.

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