Masters of Scale: These Are the Success Strategies of the Billionaire Founders of Microsoft, Netflix or Airbnb

Masters of Scale: These Are the Success Strategies of the Billionaire Founders of Microsoft, Netflix or Airbnb

They are the “masters of scale” – loosely translated: the true masters of evolution: Bill Gates, Reed Hastings or Brian Chesky. The great entrepreneurs of our time who have not only understood how to lead a business idea to success, but also how to let it grow at a breathtaking pace. As a business ambassador for PayPal and LinkedIn, author, entrepreneur and investor Reid Hoffman has seen for himself how quickly ideas can lead to fortunes of billions. His exciting insight: The best, most measurable ideas are often the ones that seem least plausible.

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Not everyone can claim the title of playing “an integral role in building many of today’s major consumer technology businesses” — but entrepreneur and investor legend Reid Hoffman can. For him Entrepreneurship Podcast He regularly brings on the microphone the greats of the global entrepreneurial landscape. They talk to them more openly and honestly than ever about their experiences as founders and investors. Hoffman in his book now offers surprising and instructive lessons that have come to light “Masters of Scale”,

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So what have the greatest entrepreneurs of our time done to successfully implement their business ideas? How did you deal with defeats and mistakes? “Masters of Scale” reveals the secrets behind dealing with extraordinary success stories, defeats, mistakes and failures. Valuable business insights from over 100 conversations, including Bill Gates (Microsoft), Sir Richard Branson (Virgin), Brian Chesky (Airbnb) and Angela Ahrends (Burberry), make the book attractive to all who want to create their own business idea. want to change. want to do something big. With “Masters of Scale” you get a behind the scenes look at the world’s most exciting companies.

“A book for any entrepreneur who has ever jumped off a cliff and built a plane on the way down.”

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