McFly missed getting ‘sweaty and half-naked’ with strangers on tour

McFly missed getting 'sweaty and half-naked' with strangers on tour

McFly released their first studio album in 10 years, Young Dumb Thrills (Photo: McFly)

The last McFly album may have been 10 years old, but the band is back with a new record after clearing the issues leading up to their break.

Releasing their sixth studio album, Young Dumb Thrills, the band says it felt like no time had passed between this and the soundtrack from 2010 onwards.

Said Tom Fletcher ‘We came straight back. We will A few years as a band were difficult and after clearing all our issues, this is the first time we were going to the studio.

‘It just felt kind of easy, behind doing what we do best. That’s what we know, this band has been our whole life for 17 years. So going back to the studio with these people is like going home. ‘

Danny Jones added: ‘It was thrilling because it was the first time in a long, long time that we’ve made an album, but the whole creative process was amazing.

‘We got the vinyl press on the second day of the album, and the whole physical thing was amazing to hear that.

‘We were just happy that the band was happening, and we just went into the studio in open thought. It was such a creative unity and I think we achieved that on this album. ‘

The band – which includes Dougie Pointer and Harry Judd – was to spend most of the year on tour for the Lost Songs, a compilation album of tracks they found in the archives, however, the tour was postponed due to a coronavirus epidemic. .

Like many artists, the band was forced to pause their live show, and Tom explained: ‘It was very frustrating for us because we had been waiting for the tour for a few years, but I think we were really lucky that we got down Most of the albums were recorded before.

‘It’s our first studio album in 10 years so we won’t be releasing this album. And music is something that has helped everyone in these difficult times so we are really proud of it and ready to put it out. ‘


The band has overcome their issues to rejoin (Photo: McFly)

While socially spaced jigs are starting to filter, Duggie is waiting to move on the road as before, admitting: ‘Not so. You want to sweat as much as possible and be half naked with strangers. ‘

Thanks to the band getting creative outlets during the lockdown, Danny added: ‘You can’t imagine how much music we need and it brings people together.

‘He speaks a language that we all understand and we miss him a lot, but we have to do what the government says and protects.’

McFly’s new album Young Dumb Thrills is out now.

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