Medieval Dynasty: Steam hit gets major legacy update

Medieval Dynasty: Steam hit gets major legacy update

From Benjamin Grundken ,
Medieval Dynasty, which started in one place, quickly became a Steam hit. Now, along with the old update, it is getting a major update with new content and tons of improvements. To mark the occasion, the developer is offering 30 percent off on style mix.

RenderCube and Toplitz Productions have released the biggest update ever for Medieval Dynasty. The survival-simulation-RPG-mix, which started out small and then became a Steam hit, gets some promising changes. As the name suggests, the story and content is focused on the family.

In this context, the developer promises broad mission lines and items corresponding to them. These include toys, for example, to keep youngsters busy. At the level of immersion, the Dynasty feature in particular stands out. Players can therefore prepare for family quests, multiple personality forms for descendants, a special ceremonial event for heirs, and many other new elements. Several bug fixes, optimizations, visual and audio improvements are also part of the heritage update. New features include, for example, a new building and six more NPCs with missions for the player.

“Before the Update of Successors, Medieval Dynasties About 75,000 words of text. This is roughly equivalent to a 250-page book. We are now close to 120,000 words of text. It took some time to roll out this massive update in Valley, but it’s finally here.” The developers have a full list of all the changes Made Available on Steam in German,

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To celebrate the start of the Legacy update, Medieval Dynasty is currently available there 30 percent off. The discount applies to all versions offered there until August 15th. By the way, the console version is going to be released this year. The year 2023 in Medieval Dynasty is all about solidarity, as the cooperative game mode has been introduced there.

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