Mesa 22.0.0: New Graphics Stack for Gaming on Linux

Mesa 22.0.0: Neuer Grafikstack für das Spielen unter Linux

Free 3D Graphics Library mesa 3dwhich serves as a specification for the graphics stack and for gaming on Linux open Implements has been released in the latest version 22.0. Games like Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus and Forza Horizon 5 (Test) should benefit from the free graphics API Vulkan 1.3.

Vulkan 1.3 for AMD and Intel

Mesa 3D 22.0.0 introduces, among other things, an expanded feature set of Vulkan 1.3. This includes, among other things, new extensions KHR_dynamic_rendering for lava pipe, VK_KHR_synchronization2 And EXT_image_view_min_lod To feature the open graphics drivers “RADV” and “RadenSi” for AMD graphics chips, as well as “ANV” for Intel graphics processors.

official release notes Also list other new features for the implementation of Direct3D 12, Zinc drivers and extensions ARB_sparse_texture2 Feather:

  • lovepipe, radv, anv KHR_dynamic_rendering
  • redv EXT_image_view_min_lod
  • VK_KHR_synchronization2 on RADV.
  • OpenSWR has been moved to the Ember branch
  • Radonsy, Zinc ARB_sparse_texture
  • d3d12 GLES3.1 (shader storage buffers, image, compute, indirect draw, draw params, ARB_framebuffer_no_attachments, ARB_sample_shading, and GLSL400)
  • Radonsy, Zinc ARB_sparse_texture2
  • Zinc EXT_memory_object, EXT_memory_object_fd, EXT_semaphore, EXT_semaphore_fd
  • env VK_VALVE_mutable_descriptor_type
  • Vulkan 1.3 on RADV, Anv.
  • Radonsy, Zinc ARB_sparse_texture_clamp

Mesa 22.0.0 Release Notes

Last but not least, current games, but also applications, as the developers declare, benefit from improvements and error corrections as well as new features.

Games and applications run better

Such as Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider (Test), Metro Exodus, Forza Horizon 5, Minecraft, Terraria, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Factorio, Dota 2, Forsaken Remastered, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Starsector, FreeSpace, Rocket League, Walhem Play. , SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy and Baldur’s Gate 3 as well as applications such as Battle.NET, Firefox and Steam should accelerate the open source graphics stack under Linux.

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Bug Fixes and Optimizations

Mesa 22.0.0 also fixes problems with the Intel UHD 620 graphics chip, improves support for the Display Server protocol wayland Under Vulkan, fixes a black screen that can occur on graphics cards with RDNA architecture, improves H.264 playback using VA-API and RADV driver compatibility using DirectX 11 and DirectX12, and The game speeds up on the Radeon RX 580 (Test), which was previously considered a problem kid.

Steam Deck as an Accelerator

Powered by Valve and its Steam Deck handheld PC and the SteamOS 3.0 operating system, the developers of Mesa 3D are setting an impressive pace. The editors also regularly report on the latest developments in the field. Meanwhile, there have been 26 releases within just 12 months.

More details will be provided by the official venue as well as the project page on the developer platform gitlab And GitHub,


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