Meteor showers, Blue Moon and other stargazing dates for Te October

Meteor showers, Blue Moon and other stargazing dates for Te October

Plenty of astronomical events are happening in the month of October.

With two meteor showers, sightings of Mars and Uranus, and a rare blue moon, the whole family is guaranteed to see a number of scenes.

As long as there is a clear sky you will be able to see these showers, planets and moons with the naked eye.

So, be sure to write these dates in your diary so that you do not miss out.

Meteor showers

  • October October 8 – Draconids meteor shower

These meteor showers are generally modest, although there have been notable exceptions in the past – including 2018.

It is made up of dust debris left by comet Giacobini-Zinner.

Year’s to October This year’s shower peaks on the night of October and, unlike most other meteor showers, where activity is usually highest after midnight, occurs at night.

One of the most well-known and most reliable meteor showers, the Orionids peak between midnight and dawn on October 21 and 22 this year.

Meteors are fast with beautiful trains and are created by debris from Haley’s comet. You can expect to see up to 20 per hour on top of it.

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Tue – 13 October October

The best time to see the Red Planet is on October 13 as it approaches Earth’s closest approach.

It will see the brightest and best Mars in the night sky all year round and you should be able to see some details on the surface of the planet with a medium sized telescope.

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Uranus – October October 31

This date is the best night to see Uranus as it opposes the sun.

If you live somewhere with less light pollution you will be able to see it.

Look at the greenish discs in the sky.

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Rare Blue Moon – October October 31

On Halloween, we will also be treated to the Blue Hunter Moon.

When the moon doesn’t really look blue, it will be a full moon.

The blue moon comes once every two to three years, so make sure you get a glimpse at Halloween.


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