Microsoft announces new version of Windows 11

Microsoft announces new version of Windows 11

Microsoft recently announced the launch of a new trial version of the Windows 11 system, in preparation for the launch of the final version soon.

According to Microsoft experts, Windows 11 systems will significantly improve computer performance, and reduce the power consumption rate in the processors of these devices and their random access memory, besides they will be compatible with a wider range of devices. May work with some older components.

In order to download copies of Windows 11, the computer must have several conditions, including: a dual-core processor with a frequency of 1 GB or a more advanced processor with more cores, at least 4 GB of RAM, an internal storage space . At least 64 GB, a DirectX 12 graphics processor or other processor In the newer categories, a screen with a resolution of at least 720 pixels and a size of more than 9 inches.

Those who want to get the new system can go to the Settings menu on their devices, go to the “Update & security” option, then the “Preview version” option, then click on the download button to download the new version. You may agree to Microsoft’s Terms of Use, and examine its process. Rebooting the device after downloading the version.

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