Microsoft Edge and Cloudflare: Chromium Browser Launches Its Own VPN Service

Microsoft Edge und Cloudflare: Chromium-Browser startet seinen eigenen VPN-Dienst

Microsoft and company cloud flamewhich is a content delivery network (CDN), Internet security services and decentralized DNS services, support and integrate a VPN service into the Chromium browser Edge. The new feature can now be tried out by anyone for the first time through Edge Canary.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network Uses Cloudflare VPN

As Cloudflare announced in an official press release, the company, along with Microsoft, is integrating so-called Cloudflare Proxy, a VPN service limited to 1GB of traffic per month, into the Chromium Edge browser. The service, which is still classified as a “preview”, first rolled out in waves to insider program participants. A/B Testing rated.

Microsoft Edge is getting its own VPN service
Microsoft Edge gets its own VPN service (Image: u/Leopeva64-2)

Now, for the first time ever, the new feature is also available to everyone via pre-release on the Canary channel, viz. u/leopaeva64-2 via subreddit R/Microsoft Edge Was the first to report.

Even Microsoft has officially announced itself support site Already commented on the new feature, which will be called “Microsoft Edge Secure Network”.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network is a service provided in partnership with Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is committed to privacy and as such collects only a very limited amount of diagnostic and support data as Microsoft’s data subprocess to provide the Services.

Cloudflare permanently deletes the diagnostics and support data it collects every 25 hours.


feature is going to change in future Menü → Secure Network Can be activated and deactivated and also automatically terminated when the browser is closed. Similar to the download progress display, the VPN data volume, which is limited to 1 GB, is also viewed in the browser.

Microsoft Edge is getting its own VPN service
Microsoft Edge gets its own VPN service (Image: u/Leopeva64-2)

Requires a Microsoft account

Users who want to try out the VPN feature or use it later in the final version will need to sign in to Microsoft Edge with a valid Microsoft account. No VPN service without a Microsoft account.

Browsers with VPN Services in Fashion

Other browsers such as Opera, Opera GX, Brave and UR Browser also integrate a limited free VPN service, while Mozilla offers a paid service with Mozilla VPN from 5 euros per month.

Tor, OpenVPN and WireGuard as Alternatives

Another option is software solutions such as the Tor browser based on OpenVPN and WireGuard as well as Firefox with decentralized onion routing.

For example, manufacturer AVM used Fritz! to implement WireGuard, a free VPN technology. Beginning with OS 7.50, which has been integrated directly into the kernel since Linux 5.6, its ADSL, VDSL, cable and hybrid routers’ operating systems.

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