Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI want AI to write the code for you

Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI want AI to write the code for you

Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI’s codex models are trained on billions of lines of code from open source projects. Result: a tool that will help you (and won’t replace you) with tips on how to write code

A new tool from Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI, one of the world’s most talked-about AI companies and there won copilot Your “co-pilot” will be (on paper) in the written code. CopyLot will provide you with a complete line of code based on the context of the existing code, and in some cases even offer you to add complete functions to the code.

To build the new tool, they built a new model (called Codex) with OpenAI, which was trained through billions of lines of code from open source public projects, a GitHub statement said. – which was hosted in GitHub’s database. The announcement also states that this is not a tool designed to replace developers, but only – as the name implies – to be an “AI-based partner” to the process of writing your code. for.

You will be able to decide whether to accept or reject all the suggestions you receive from Copilot, after making suggestions after trying to understand the proper context, after trying to analyze the meaning of the comments in your code. The function or previous lines of code you wrote. Of course any approval of its offer or rejection helps train the company’s algorithms.

This is how it works Source: GitHub

For those of you who write code every day, GitHub says the new tool — now in technical preview — can help you work with a new library or framework you haven’t worked with yet . Your “co-pilot” already knows the functions and features of those libraries – so you don’t have to read all the documentation, but dive straight into writing the code.

Also, at GitHub they say that their new tool can be very useful for people who are trying to learn a new language or come from an environment where they worked with low-code / no-code is. That’s because the new tool lets you describe a function in English – and turn it into code using Copilot. Languages ​​supported by the new feature include Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, and TypeScript.

It’s important to note that GitHub didn’t want to tell you that its new tool will definitely make life easier for you, and in the FAQ she posted on Copilot’s website she says that “the code you’re given will always may not work or even the right thing”. GitHub also writes that although they work hard to improve the tool, you should carefully examine the code it provides you – don’t overlap in code reviews – just as you would with code written by yourself. Huh.

CopyLot will interface directly with VS Code and can be installed as a plugin on VS Code or used in the cloud on top of GitHub CodeSpace. As an AI-based tool, GitHub says the tool is expected to improve as it learns your code-writing habits over time — with each acceptance or rejection of an offer it gives you. I will learn more and help you get better offers. The new tool is now only available in a trial version, and GitHub is planning to launch a commercial product based on Copilot. more details available on GitHub’s dedicated website.

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Microsoft is one of the investors in OpenAI and the companies have a collaboration agreement that includes the use of the company’s GPT 3 advanced model, based on 175 billion parameters. As part of Build, its developer conference, Microsoft announced that it would enable the implementation of the model in its no/low code platform Microsoft Power FX. Among other things, the platform will allow users to write in natural language what they want the app to do, and appropriate formulas will appear.

and there is some similar feature in visual studio

At Giktiim Developers Conference – geektime code 2021 — Yesterday (Tuesday) introduced Edir Ron, Cloud Applications and Innovation Lead at Microsoft, another tool that will come in the next version of Visual Code. The tool will suggest users to write a complete line of code based on context and after typing just one character in their code line. Ron said the new tool was created by scanning nearly half a million open source projects at GitHub as AI datasets that would complement your code. “Hopefully we get to this world where no one has to write code, just type the first letter and do a double tab,” Ron said of the new tool coming in Visual Studio 2022 — Microsoft’s 64-bit development environment. Bit Edition, which will air this summer.

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