Microsoft is bringing CD ripping feature, with one downside

Microsoft is bringing CD ripping feature, with one downside

in a modified media player version Windows 11 users can also rip CDs. software reads audio data from CD and save them locally as an audio file.

mp3 format not supported

The new version, so far only played for users of the Windows Insider Program, supports the formats AAC, WMA, FLAC and ALAC, However, the general MP3 format is not supported. It is still unclear whether other formats will be submitted later. Media player automatically saves copied files to music folder of device.

With the new feature, music can also be copied from CD to computer.

Microsoft first introduced its new media player for Windows 11 in November 2021. You can also use it from March 2022 audio cd Play Play. The design is reminiscent of an in-house music player groove music,

one software for everything

Microsoft is probably working on its new media player: central multimedia software Extend for Windows. This could make apps like Groove Music and Movies & TV superfluous in the future.

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