Microsoft Launcher: New Features and Now a New Design for Everyone

After Extensive Beta Testing for Microsoft Launcher Android The release of the new function for all users has now started. The update is now available through google play store distributed.

The new update version 6.211102.0.1017440 and brings many new functions and improvements. like online magazine ms poweruser Reportedly, all the new features from the previous beta testing are now available to all users. The update should be offered automatically to anyone who has Launcher installed. otherwise you can get it from google play store loadedAlternatively, Microsoft Launcher may already have a . available as Android APK in Download Area ready. You can find the download at the end of this post.

One of the most obvious innovations is the revised design. Launcher feed and news feed have also been revised.

Bug fixes and improvements

Microsoft is now also introducing new filters for the search function, with which the search in the Launcher can be customized. As Microsoft informs in the release notes in the Play Store, there are several improvements for all users. However, many details are not yet known or included by Microsoft. Didn’t even know anything about fixed errors. We have translated the entire changelog:

changelog – new tasks

  • The launcher feed and overall design have been updated.
  • The news feed has been improved.
  • Switching between work and personal apps has been improved.
  • Additional filters are now available to improve your search.
  • Other known bugs have been fixed and improvements have been made.

download Microsoft Launcher – Launcher for Android

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