Microsoft OneDrive: Windows 11 Reminds You to Back Up Data in the Cloud

Microsoft OneDrive: Windows 11 erinnert daran, Daten in der Cloud zu sichern

Microsoft is currently testing a reminder under Windows 11 that should encourage users to back up their data to OneDrive. Opinions vary greatly among users as to whether this dialog should be seen only as a backup-friendly reminder or as an intrusive advertisement for the in-house cloud.

Microsoft runs ads about Windows 11

like site desk modder reported that Microsoft has begun to reference its OneDrive cloud solution directly through the user interface of the current Windows 11 operating system. This was the first case for the Twitter user @thebookisclosed surname albacore Noted, which is especially known for such publications among Windows Insiders.

Whether the message that is delivered directly through the Windows 11 UI is one of several A/B Testing What Microsoft is already using to test new functions for selected users, or whether the notification can be triggered with the help of the ViVe tool via an ID that is still inactive, is not yet clear. .

Not an isolated case so far at Microsoft

This wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft has used the operating system to promote in-house software, services and features.

Apple also plans to place more ads in its own apps

However, Microsoft isn’t alone in this, as Apple, for example, is also advertising its own products, such as iCloud+ when free storage fills up, and is planning more ads in its services in the future.

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The advertising business, which is worth around US$ 4 billion a year, is to be brought in the double-digit range. Apple is said to be planning to serve ads in applications such as Maps, Books, Podcasts and TV+.

In the App Store, the start page has recently been used for advertising, as previously only content curated from Apple could be found there.

Open Source also advertises itself

Open source applications such as the free Firefox browser also advertise themselves or additional functions such as Firefox VPN.

What is your opinion about advertising in games, applications and operating systems?


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