Microsoft team for personal calls

Office work means that everyone usually uses ‘Microsoft Teams’. The same family, friends chat, call ‘Whatsapp’, ‘Zoom’ are used. Therefore Microsoft plans to use ‘Team’ for all family calls as well. Teams have the facility to call customers who do not use them. Works on all devices. A maximum of 300 people can be invited on a video call. You can talk for free for 24 hours. Talking about the features…

Simultaneous Mode: All chat members can be brought to a single screen. From family members to personal friends, it can be used for live chat.

Live emoji: Live emoji, GIF can be used during team meeting. It is likely to continue even if the discussion is left in the middle.

To-do lists to be shared: This allows assigning tasks to group members. All participating members will be able to view and edit tasks at any time. It can also be used to complete retail shopping and laundry.

Voting on weekend activities: Voting can be held on weekends and holidays. Accordingly you can decide beforehand what to do in those days.

Dashboard view: See all personal chats, photos, videos and shared tasks.

Different: By clicking on My Profile, only two people can get chat and other facilities from their personal account.

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