Mobility in Health! Last Minute: Expert Doctor Pumped Out of Crow Room

  Mobility in Health!  Last Minute: Expert Doctor Pumped Out of Crow Room

Doctor accused of ‘looting’

Obstetrician Drs. Samet Temple was assigned to the Shivhari State Hospital for 2 months for 23 months, with a directive from the Provincial Health Services Directorate.

According to the DHA report, Drs. Temple Yunus came to his room at the Emre State Hospital yesterday. According to Doctor Temple’s claim, as he was collecting his personal belongings, security guards came and told him that he could not use the room and wanted to take it out. Doctor Temple recorded the moments that security guards used to wait at the door with their cell phone cameras and shared them on social media.

`I am much more than this mother

In the image; “I’m being thrown out of my room right now. I’m being kicked out of my room by security personnel. I’m Dr. Samet Temple. It’s obvious that everywhere I work here. It’s a mob. Mobbing. Is applied by K. Hospital administration. I will definitely use them in the judiciary. The incident is brought to the judiciary. I asked them to call the security forces. I told the security guards to keep a report. I’m on annual leave now, I came from my house. Room to collect my belongings. I came to my computer to use my information. These officers tried to get me out of my room. I Want, “Dr. Samet Temple went to the Tepebier Ertugerulzi police station and complained about the security officers.

Temple said in his statement here, “I came to the polyclinic room, which I always use at Yunus Emre State Hospital, to take my luggage and lock the door. Meanwhile, the door was knocked off, one The person who said that he said. The security manager asked me to open the door and leave the hospital immediately. I said, ‘Notify the law enforcement officers. Take a record of what was taken out of me. Give me a sample . “They tried to get me out. Sticking to my collar. So I started recording videos. I am complaining that the manager and three security guards tried to force me to hold me by my collar,” he said. . “

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Hospital management exemption

Eskisehir A statement given by Yunus Emre State Hospital on the subject said that the allegations made against the doctor were unfounded:

Dr. who worked as a specialist in gynecology and gynecologist clinic. Samet Temple received disciplinary fines with the approval of the Provincial Disciplinary Board as a result of an investigation conducted by the Provincial Health Directorate. Samet Temple, who was not on duty in our hospital on the above date and who should be on duty in another hospital, entered the examination hall at 08.00 on 24 March 2021, with a key which he did not ordinarily assign, he captured. have done. Causing the disintegration of the victims of service and patients by closing the examination hall from inside until 15.45 pm, and preventing the outpatient clinic from serving. “

Dr samet basic


In the statement, it was stated that the allegations of the “ mob ” were also unfounded. Making statements that damaged the reputation of our personnel, he shot the videos and published them in various media as an attack on the law and the reputation of our institution. Security camera recordings reveal that it has unfounded allegations such as “ leaping, throwing it off the collar ” and misleading the public. All kinds of precautions and assignments have been made to prevent patients from experiencing suffering, and a victim claimed by the individual is not experienced in our hospital. It was stated that a judicial and administrative inquiry has been initiated on the subject.

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It was learned that a judicial and administrative inquiry was initiated into the incident.


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