Model 3 and Model Y in Tesla inventory for Europe >

tesla bestand frankreich model-y 22nov22

Tesla’s delivery times have dropped significantly around the world in recent weeks – so ramping up production in China, Germany and the United States appears to be having an effect, possibly with a reluctance to buy in relation to the worsening economic outlook. In China, Tesla already reduced prices at the end of October, And such a step can be taken in Europe. In any case, this is supported by the fact that, for the first time in a long time, pre-built Model 3 and Model Y are being offered for fast delivery in a number of countries.

Three Model Ys await German buyers

On Tuesday morning in Germany there were only three Model Ys in the basic version with rear-wheel drive (RWD), which has been available in Europe since August. A few electric cars had recently appeared on Tesla’s inventory page, but always quickly disappeared again. so there was this may three Model 3s, but disappeared within minutes of being discovered, so they were probably sold. Three Model Ys remained on offer for at least several hours since Tuesday.

There were no other versions of the Model Y or Model 3 in stock Tuesday in Germany, but there were in other European countries. Switzerland is clearly permanently privileged in this regard. While until recently pre-built Teslas weren’t available anywhere in Europe and waiting times were long, you could All versions of the Model 3 and Model Y for 2022 in Switzerland Order or choose from stock. Tuesday was no different. The sedan was available pre-built about a dozen times, and there were also about 40 SUVs in stock.

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Tesla stock in several European countries

What is new, however, is that finished Tesla electric cars were also introduced in most other European countries, notably the Model Y, which was produced after conversion in China and much more with the new Gigafactory in Germany and Texas. Is. For example, Denmark or France also had some Model 3s in stock on Tuesday, but neither this model nor the Model Y in the Netherlands and Norway. There were no finished Model Ys available in Austria in the morning, but there were two Model 3s. It seems, not all are in this quarter Tesla to ship from China is already sold out, If this doesn’t change quickly, prices in Europe could fall as well.


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