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Something is happening with the Tesla Model S. At the beginning of last year, it was hardly presented from the outside, strengthened on the inside and perhaps most obviously changed to a refreshed form under sheet metal, which has also been distributed in the United States since June. On the other hand, the world outside North America is still waiting, and Tesla isn’t even telling when that will change. But he was not forgotten, because this January, surprisingly, a Model S unveiled and also the latest Model X in Taiwan Instead of. Tesla re-wrapped the Model S, but the Model X showed that, among other things, the rear light unit had been redesigned. And now there is an official picture of the Tesla Model S with this refreshed facelift.

Tesla shows off the new Model S only briefly

It was spotted this week by observer @SawyerMeritt on the Tesla event page. There, the company hosted demonstrations of the Model S Plaid in Northern California, and the electric car above it was seen diagonally from rear to left. It also took a good look at showcasing the new tail light assembly on the Model X in Taiwan – unlike units previously sold in the US, its tailgate is large enough to fit a CCS socket behind it.

Similar was the case with the Model S plaid on the website, as you can see in @SawyerMeritt’s Twitter message. Tesla, on the other hand, exchanged the picture again on Friday: That’s where the red Model S is now. front instead of back Shown so that the rear is barely recognizable. But the Twitter scene was certainly enough for fans and other observers to have an in-depth discussion of the renewed innovation on the refreshed Model S.

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From a technical point of view, the most interesting detail is that the Model S will also have room for a CCS charging connector. European prospects have long puzzled over it, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk left several questions about it unanswered on Twitter. Feather Previous Model S and Model X You must use an adapterTo load on column as per CCS standard. This is not only cumbersome, but also limits the charging capacity of the two premium electric cars to around 140 kW. The still narrow rear lights on the refreshed model raised fears that it would remain so.

Europe starting parallel to the US conversion?

This point should now be made clear for the Model S as well, with the photo briefly showing up at Tesla. On the other hand, it’s unclear when it will be delivered again in Europe – and when Tesla will switch to the revised rear design in North America. The two could happen together, though the Model S’ early hibernation with more charging space in Taiwan and now on the web doesn’t suggest a launch is imminent. In December, Tesla prices and expected delivery dates were Removed from their Europe configurator for Model S and Model X, Existing customers have been advised to visit from the second half of this year.

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