Modernized hydroelectric power station opened its doors

The new power plant opened its doors last Friday to the people of Scheibs, many of whom took advantage of tour offers.

“Hydropower is an important pillar in the generation of green electricity. To achieve the climate goals of Lower Austria, we must make better use of the potential of existing hydroelectric plants through modernisation. The current project managed to combine more green electricity with a revamp for the environment,” stresses Anton Erber, a member of the state parliament, who didn’t even miss the opportunity to take a look inside the massively modernized hydroelectric power station.

However, for EVN, the “internal values” count at the top of the brandstat. “Modernization enables us to triple the amount of electricity and thus supply green electricity to nearly 1,000 homes,” explains Helwig Oberacker, managing director of EVN’s 100% green electricity subsidiary, EVEN Naturecraft. “It allows us to continue to use a landmark and contribute even more to the future of renewable energy.”

Heuberg Bridge inaugurated

As part of the modernization plans, the municipality of Scheibs also decided to rebuild the Heuberg Bridge. Mayor Franz Agner is delighted that this too can now be officially opened: “The plans for the power plant and our ideas for the new Heuberg Bridge went hand in hand from the very beginning. We are very pleased that with the new Heuberg Bridge we will be able to see the Skibs. We were able to implement a successful project in terms of traffic and aesthetics at the heart of the U.S. and of course we are pleased that our contribution to sustainable energy supply has tripled.”

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Hydroelectric power in Brandstatt:

previous power plant

  • Francis Turbine
  • Generation: 1.1 GW per year (green electricity for about 300 households)
  • Drop Height of Weir System 6m

new power plant

  • Kaplan Turbine
  • Generation: 3.3 GWh per year (green electricity for about 1,000 households)
  • Drop Height of Weir System 6m
  • Start of construction: April 2020
  • Commissioning: End of 2021


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