Money-laundering insect reached 500,000 Huawei mobiles

Money-laundering insect reached 500,000 Huawei mobiles

Has reached more than 500,000 Huawei devices through the official AppGallery of a malware company called Joker – The writing A computer. Security experts have found ten apps containing malware called Joker, mostly including virtual keyboards, camera apps, online chats, sticker collections, color programs, and games. It came from the only developers, according to Shanxi Kualaipai Network Technology Co., Ltd. security company Doctor Web, ten apps have been downloaded more than 538,000 times in total.

We knew about pests before we wrote, Has been appearing in the Google Play store from time to time for years, but it has been found in the Huawei Software Store for the first time. The Joker secretly subscribes to the owner of the infected device for subscription services, and the victim only notices the withdrawal if he sees his bank account balance and the suspect does not produce other suspicious signals.

Although clown-infected apps that can be downloaded from Applery can actually perform the functions and functions listed on the datasheet, they downloaded components in the background that registered their users as premium service providers. To prevent background activity from appearing, the application requested access to notifications during installation, allowing access to a verification code sent via SMS to confirm membership. According to experts, up to five such services are subscribed by the virus.

Huawei has removed the application containing the Joker. If you have downloaded any of them, uninstall them immediately and see what active subscription you have in the App Store:

  • Super keyboard
  • Happy color
  • Fun coloring
  • New 2021 keyboard
  • Camera MX – Photo Video Camera
  • Beautyplus camera
  • Color rolling
  • Funny Meme Emoji
  • Happy tapping
  • All-in-one messenger
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