money sent to scammer instead of daughter

money sent to scammer instead of daughter


An East Styrian has become the victim of a con artist. The woman transferred thousands of euros in the belief that she would pass it on to her daughter. The fraud was discovered when the daughter came to visit.

According to police, a 65-year-old woman from the Hartberg-Fürstenfeld district received a message via WhatsApp on October 11, with her daughter’s maiden name as the sender: “I have a new mobile phone with this new phone number ” Told. The sender’s number was from Germany. The East Styrian did not suspect anything.

express transfer required

Seven days later came the next message: “Please transfer the two invoices immediately by express transfer. Before 6 pm..” The woman still did not suspect that the request for money came not from her daughter, but from a con artist network. On the same day, the 65-year-old transferred several thousand euros to the specified account.

Losses of several tens of thousands of euros

But this first demand for money was just the beginning. Over the next three days, the brazen fraudsters demanded another ten express transfers, which the 65-year-old also complied with. The demand seemed reasonable to the woman, she later told the police. In total, he transferred tens of thousands of euros.

Fraud detected after daughter’s arrival

The fraud was discovered when his daughter came to visit. Osterstein filed a complaint. According to police, online transfers were made to accounts in Germany and Lithuania. With the help of her house bank, the 65-year-old is now trying to get back at least a part of her money.

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Police is asking the public to be careful. There has been an increase in fraud in Styria over the past few weeks. With the help of an 80-year-old woman from Graz, one of the alleged supporters of the fraud network was recently arrested. more on that Fake cops caught red handed,


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