Monopoly boards, including Home Bargains, Clydebank and Rathergalan Stop, sell their own versions of the game.

Monopoly boards, including Home Bargains, Clydebank and Rathergalan Stop, sell their own versions of the game.

Home Bargains sells its own version of the monopoly – including Clydebank and Ratherglan Stops.

A sharp Twitter user was quick to find the Scots towns on the store version of the board game buying property.


Special Edition of Home Bargains Monopoly

How to play the game online To represent the Home Bargains logo, with a matching board, a special edition game is presented in blue and red box boxes.

The description on the Home Bargains website reads: “Move to Mayfair, Home Bargains is in town!”

There are features on one of the three yellow squares on the Clydebank board.

However, the exclusive version of the monopoly by Hasbro also includes some of the most iconic locations of some home bargains, warehouses and their online store.

Clydebank features on one of the yellow squares


Clydebank features on one of the yellow squares

And Clydebank is not the only Scots place to feature in the game, with two legions on board.

The game starts with Old Swan, the very first store of Liverpool’s Home Bargains, with other locations including Pontifact, NewtownBaby, Harlow and Pool.

Seeing Clydebank in the game, one Scott wrote on Twitter: “Home deals have their own monopoly and don’t believe Clydebank is one of the spaces on it.”

This tweet has attracted a lot of attention on social media and has received more than 1.3K likes.

And some other social media users found the funny side of the search.

One said: “Go to jail but jail is the first wing.”

Full board


Full board

Another said: “Can’t imagine what’s on the Browns if the Clydebank is a yellow square.”

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And the third added: “My home.”

Board games sold sold online, but Eagle Eyed Shoppers spot them on sale in stores.

How much the game costs is unknown.

Meanwhile, we told you earlier how old board games can be lucky to collect dust in Scots cupboards across the country.

Monopoly has just introduced a ‘wake’ board game for sensitive millennials

Family faults such as monopolies and scrabble can fetch up to 90 90,000 at auction.

Auctioneer Love Antiques encourages people to check out the value of their games before checking out.

It is believed that games worth millions of pounds could be sold at the time of selling car boots.

Some people may even put them in the bin because the owners think they are junk.

“Board games have been popular for many years and have been in search of a lot of stored items, but it’s interesting to find out how much people will pay for the limited editions of these games,” said Will Thomas, managing director of

McDonald’s Gold is launching a VIP card and you can win by playing a monopoly

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