Mozilla Firefox Revamped

mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox browser comes with a completely new design to streamline your internet sessions, without forgetting privacy.

Mozilla said it analyzed 17 billion user clicks to find out which sections of the browser they use the most to visit their favorite websites. Research has shown that tabs (43% of all clicks), search bar (33%) and bookmarks (5%) are by far the most visited sections of the browser. Mozilla also concluded that there are still significant cultural differences between how Internet users around the world use their browsers. You can read more about in this blog postOf course, we limit ourselves to the new design of Mozilla Firefox.

The new design focuses on the parts that get the most clicks, and is streamlined for a smoother surfing session. “We live in a busy time. In that busyness, let the browser be the kind of software that people can rely on and relax,” the company writes in the blog. Many changes will remain invisible, such as faster loading times, but also visually Firefox will appear more streamlined and modern after the update. These are the most notable innovations in Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox: What’s New?

1. Fast Navigation

The search bar is the GPS that guides you through the Internet. Navigating to a website should require no more than typing the url and pressing the Enter key. Firefox adds a few more little things to make the search bar work even faster. Place your cursor in the search bar and you will get a list of the most visited web pages. You can indicate whether you want to stick with a new search function in Firefox or if you want to use another search engine such as DuckDuckGo. Privacy Shield warns you about cookie trackers when you surf a website.

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mozilla firefox search bar

2. of the somber menu

less is more; This is the same logic that Mozla used when redesigning the Settings menu. Unnecessary visual elements were removed to make the menu appear clearer. That way you’ll find what you’re looking for faster.

mozilla firefox menu

3. More Modern Tabs

Firefox found that tabs are used most frequently by the average Internet user. On an average, we’ll have four tabs open during a surfing session. That’s why Firefox has explicitly disposed of them to see the tabs clearly. If you open a video on YouTube, Firefox will show it in a tab menu when you’re on another page. Autoplay of any subsequent videos will also be blocked until you click on the tab.

4. Fewer Notifications

There is nothing more annoying than being overloaded with information. You already had the option to disable pop-ups for many pages in Firefox, but some notifications just can’t be avoided. Think about joining an online Zoom or Google Meet meeting, where you always have to specify which camera and microphone you’re going to use. For that you used to get two pop-up menus, now only one.

Mozilla Notifications
image credit: mozilla

These innovations apply to all platforms with which Firefox is compatible. Separate adjustments will be made for the iOS version to further optimize the browser for the operating system’s design. Apple.

Get started with the new Firefox design

The new design is available today for desktop and mobile. Go to your browser settings via the hamburger menu. Here you can download the new Firefox 89 update. Restart the browser and the new Firefox is installed. You can also give your browser a new color theme after installing the update. Do you choose dark mode, or could it have a little more color? You can of course always change it later Add-ons and Themes menu. What do you think about the new design? Tell us in the comments.

mozilla firefox update
Are you seeing this pop-up? Then the update was successful!


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