Musk fired an employee who opposed him on Twitter

Musk fired an employee who opposed him on Twitter

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Feather Twitter Getting it bad again: A public match between the new Twitter owners Elon Musk and twitter developer erich fraunhofer Raises the waves

The controversy started with a tweet by Musk. apologized for owner of twitter twitter app for android So slow in some countries. Kasturi also immediately clarified. Accordingly, a high number of rpc start (remote procedure call) cause poor performance of the app.

Android developer Frohnhoefer abandoned it don’t get over yourself: “I’ve been working on Twitter for Android for about 6 years and I can say that’s not true.” at Musk’s request Fraunhofer replied: “The app makes exactly zero RPC calls.”

given room for improvement

he doesn’t think so number of requests The main problem with the performance of the Twitter Android app. Their team has put a lot of effort into the app to improve the speed. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement in performance, Android Developer Clarifies,

In his opinion, the Twitter Android app is locked bloated with featuresWhich are rarely used. For years, functions have been prioritized over performance, Fraunhofer analyzes.

“Musk Has No Idea”

The Android developer got support from other developers during a discussion with his boss. “As the former Tech Lead of Timeline Infrastructure at Twitter, it’s safe to say this guy has no idea what he’s talking about,” Former Twitter employee noted Ben Leeb Feather,

“You don’t release an almost complete infra and then make a sneaky comment How do we handle batching? Have you even cared to know how GraphQL works?”, directed software developer Sasha Solomon New Twitter Boss.

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“Elon Musk Profoundly Disabled”

as well as computer giants Grady Booch couldn’t let it sit and spoke, All this is further proof that Elon Musk is deeply incompetent aims to lead a company built on a software-intensive, web-centric system on a global scale.

Elon Musk was eventually asked by other Twitter users whether he wanted someone like Fraunhofer on the team. Musk replied,he is firedas well as Twitter developer Sasha Solomon wrote in a tweetThank you for your comments also fired became.

job offer from reddit

Fraunhofer may have already found a new job. a developer on reddit offered him a job: “Eric, this thread is totally crazy. We’re hiring senior Android Developer on Reddit One. We will not treat you like this” Reddit developer Jameson Williams told them,


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