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Anyone reading about him for the first time will probably have to digest this thought first: In late 2021, metal sculptor Kevin Stone was commissioned to create a giant head based on the model of Tesla CEO Elon Musk . It came from a group that came up with it’s new cryptocurrency Elon Goat, and wanted to mount Musk’s head on a metal-on-metal goat, which was in turn on a rocket. The tribute to the Tesla and SpaceX boss has been out there for a few weeks and was on a flatbed truck in the United States. And on Saturday it was to be taken to the Gigafactory in Texas.

Response from Tesla boss is expected

according to a Wall Street Journal report (WSJ), the sculptor initially thought Musk himself was behind the commission, but in fact he ignored previous attempts to respond. For example, for the minds behind the Elon goat, a Twitter message from Musk about their marketing work would be a hit, as the most active of them admitted: It would “legalize” the currency, he said.

According to him, the nickname Goat is an abbreviation for “Greatest of All Time”, which also explains Goat’s physique in English, which could otherwise be interpreted as an insult. Musk may be more likely to find himself in the rocket he is perched on, especially since he is SpaceX’s Starship in its steely simplicity resembles. As the WSJ reports, the whole thing is designed in such a way that the rocket with the musk goat on it can be tipped over at the start and flames can shoot out the back.

So at least one interesting show was to be expected on Saturday afternoon local time in Texas. The Bakri group had called a meeting near Tesla’s Gigafactory in the state at 2 pm. The plan was to “have a few hours of fun” and then drive to the factory in a convoy led by Musk and then Tesla first. According to the invitation, the time has come to bring the monument “to Elon’s house.” After all, he is the most innovative man in the world.

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Musk currency is holding relatively well

It was not clear beforehand whether Musk would accept the philanthropic gift and also be at the Gigafactory on Saturday. After all, he’s also been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately and after a phase Multiple statements regarding cryptocurrency and bitcoin payments at Tesla Lately there hasn’t been much interest in it. An investor in Dogecoin even sued him for alleged manipulation. For Elon Bakri, however, the effort may have been worth the $600,000 effort and cost: several media reported in advance on the unusual plan, and the exchange rate of the currency was higher today than it is shortly after the start of 2022, But since then it has not fallen like most other cryptocurrencies.


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