My Windows 11 Experience Gets So Bad With Every Update That I Start Considering Going Back To Windows 10

My Windows 11 Experience Gets So Bad With Every Update That I Start Considering Going Back To Windows 10

windows 11 It’s been a little over a month between us, but it’s been using the server operating system since the first initial version was launched after the official announcement on June 24, 2021. Maybe three weeks ago my experience was satisfactory, but With Every Cumulative Update I Install Everything Seems To Be Bad,

In September, when I was still using the preview version, I Felt that Windows 10 was a bit slow and quite out of date Because I got used to the new interface for the fluidity of all animations, and in general, both my desktop PC and my laptop worked small Fast in everything. Today, in mid-November, the story is different.

Windows 11 from scratch: requirements, installation and commissioning

The Devastating Windows 11 Updates So Far

First of all it is important to note here that two of my computers have AMD Ryzen processors, and it is known that Windows 11 was released with a bug that degraded performance on computers with AMD processors, Interestingly, I haven’t experienced these issues before.

However, after the first patch tuesday, which was just coming to solve this problem, what Microsoft did was making it worse, and that’s where my first discomfort started as well. After installing the first cumulative system update, I began using Lagging behind on simple things like opening File Explorer or running an app for the first time,

It was nothing serious and it was already known that the patch made the situation worse, with both AMD and Microsoft working on a new solution that I sat down to wait. Meanwhile, early November, a Expired certificate started breaking applications in Windows 11reach even Prevent launch of start menu and settings,

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Luckily, I didn’t experience those issues either, but the performance problem kept getting worse. It was relaunched last week A new cumulative update for Windows 11 He Now It’s About to Solve Performance Problems in AMD, in addition to all of the above. However, after installing this new patch, my Windows 11 installation seems to be going from bad to worse, and these are some of the symptoms:

useless search

Useless search…

  • After restarting my computer takes longer than ever to start up.
  • When running Windows 11 Search sometimes goes completely blank.
  • When I open virtual desktops they freeze for a few seconds, and it’s impossible to come back to the desktop at least twice and I’m forced to restart.
  • File Explorer is slower than ever, and it’s not just the Downloads folder that takes time to open.
  • The music playback controls (which I used for Spotify) from the taskbar are gone and not working a couple of weeks ago.
  • Sometimes I have to press the start button more than once to be able to launch the start menu.
  • OneDrive stops syncing my files even though it’s running, and only works again after a full program or system restart.
  • Absolutely everything slows down and animations lag on windows.

Similar issues and others I haven’t experienced (thankfully) are the order of the day on the Windows subreddits, Feedback Hub, and Microsoft’s forums. But the most absurd thing is that Laptop where I don’t have a “stable” version of Windows 11, but an inside version of the Dev Channel, none of this happens,

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The computer I’m experiencing this in is fully supported, with an 8-core Ryzen 7 2700X processor, 32 gigs of RAM, an NVMe SSD, and an Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics. Switch to the slow Windows Explorer.

There isn’t exactly one update to blame for all of this, and that’s odd enough because I’ve had a problem-free experience in Preview for months. This is the team I wrote with my windows 11 review And that in all benchmark tests it performed slightly better than a similar computer with Windows 10.

The erosion I’ve experienced over the past weeks is so much that it makes me consider formatting, but not cleaning Windows 11, but To go back to Windows 10, where literally years ago I didn’t experience anything like this,

I said before There are actually many reasons why you may not need to upgrade to Windows 11, and I honestly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, because The improvements it has made so far just aren’t worth the potential headache of a system that was apparently incomplete and lacking much maturity.


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