MyGames has launched a cloud gaming service

MyGames has launched a cloud gaming service

My Games, the Russian Internet company Mail.Rooney’s sports division, has announced the launch of its cloud gaming service, My.Games Cloud.

Currently in beta, it will feature games from Ubisoft, Riot Games and Funcom, with more partners to be announced below the line later.

The service is currently only available in Russia, MyGames points out that “MyGames Cloud Server Centers located in Moscow and St. Petersburg will provide the best experience to players within a radius of 1500-2000 km. Petersburg.” Only available on Windows.

In 2021, the service will expand to more regions and platforms, including Max OS, Android, iOS, social network and Smart TV.

MyGames added that the service will eventually be integrated into the MyGames store, with subscribers “getting access to the full sports library as well as titles from other gaming stores.”

In terms of pricing, the company has not given details of its plans, but has promised to make it an “affordable platform”.

MyGames Cloud’s free plan will have no restrictions on session length, while paid subscriptions will have the ability to play up to 120 frames-per-second in 4-second resolutions.

Vasily Murray Gurion, CEO of MyGames, commented: “We see great potential in cloud gaming technology, especially in a country like Russia, where its developed internet infrastructure provides a high quality game experience at an affordable price. So launching such a service can provide an opportunity to reach new audiences. “

MyGames is the latest company to announce its cloud gaming service, as more and more have emerged this year. Amazon announced its own platform, Luna, back in September.

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