NASA Ingenuity drone fired blades at 50 rpm, closer and closer to first flight

NASA Ingenuity drone fired blades at 50 rpm, closer and closer to first flight

as written Yesterday, To NASA Ingenuity Drone-Helicopter The first flight should take place on 11 April, with data arriving on 12 April. After persistence unhooking from the rover and avoiding Martian nights (where the temperature drops to -90 ° C), it is time to test the rotor with a double propeller.

The first step made recently was to unlock the blades, which were now firmly locked to avoid damage during detachment. NASA’s Simplicity Started the first test to check rotation.

NASA’s Simplicity and Pre-Flight Test on Mars

as reported From JPL, To NASA Ingenuity Drone-Helicopter He tried to spin the blade at 50 rpm to see if everything was working correctly. Maybe tomorrow there will be a final exam Pre flight With a rotation of 2400 rpm (for the first flight there was talk of 2537 rpm). This is the speed that will be used during First Flight its Planet Mars.

NASA Simplicity Mart

In this case, however, the drone will not lift the surface because the orientation of the blade will place it on the ground. If this test is also successful and if the weather is good in the Jagero crater area, the test can be done.

In the meantime NASA’s perseverance And Out of the way About 60 meters from where it is located NASA’s Simplicity So that problems can be avoided during tests. Regardless of distance, the new Rover can boast two cameras compared to Curiosity Mastcam-z Which allow excellent levels of magnification (Z in name) “Zoom”) Belongs to.

The drone then consists of two cameras, one for navigation in black and white and one for capturing images in color. No video has been taken directly from the drone, but it is Rover firmness It should be able to resume its first flight on Mars.

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