NASA scientist visited Gothavadi pond. NASA scientist

  NASA scientist visited Gothavadi pond.  NASA scientist

Visited Gothawadi Pond yesterday NASA scientist N. Ganesan said that efforts would be made to assess the water capacity of the pond with modern equipment.

Situated in the Gothawadi area, next to Pollachi, this pond is spread over an area of ​​about 300 acres. This pond, which has been dry for the last 30 years, is under the guidance of Kalasika Water Hands organization. Gothawadi Pondi Security forces strengthened the far-flung shores. After this, on the request of various organizations, farmers and all parties, water was brought into the pond from Thirumurthy dam through BAP canal and the pond was filled.

With a capacity of 11.07 million cubic feet, this pond directly irrigates 126.61 hectares of land. Thousands of acres of land are indirectly irrigated by groundwater enrichment.

In this context, scientist working at NASA Space Research Center and resident of Kaliyapuram, the next land of Pollachi, N. Ganesan visited the pool yesterday and consulted with the Pool Conservation Organisation.

He later told a ‘Hindu Tamil’ reporter, “The capacity of the pond has increased after the Gothwadi pond has been dug and deepened. can be done for.

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