NENT Enhances Reality By Offering A Deal On NBCU Hayu Content – TBI’s Vision

NENT Enhances Reality By Offering A Deal On NBCU Hayu Content - TBI's Vision

following the kardashians

Nordic Entertainment (NENT) will offer its customers a range of reality shows once they arrive Multi-year distribution agreement with NBCUniversal OTT Hayu.

The WyPlay service will be available for free to customers in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from autumn 2021, becoming the first HEU platform partner in Poland and the Baltic states.

Heu Shows includes a series of over 1,000 reality shows, such as following the kardashiansa below deck a real housewives Most of Privilege Hue’s new shows will be shown on Wayplay on the same day they air in the US.

Filippa Walstem, head of NENT’s content division, said the deal gives reality the ability to “deliver the emotion, drama and fan loyalty that competes with content in any category”.

Hendrik McDermott, Global Direct-to-Consumer, Managing Director of Heu, said: “Europe remains at the heart of Huey’s current growth strategy, and it is exciting to partner with NENT Group, our first platform partner in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The partnership makes it easy for Viaplay customers to access Hayu’s comprehensive ad-free offer of the best US reality content.

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