New generation console missing in store for a year, only Xbox Series S available

New generation console missing in store for a year, only Xbox Series S available

In vain, you will see in vain for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition or Xbox Series X in stores. The situation is so pathetic that retailers have even stopped telling customers when individual models might be in stock.

The practice is such that orders are handled in different stores as they are based. The simple rule is – whoever comes first plays first. However, potential applicants still need to consider the fact that they often have to wait more than half a year for the console to be in stock before ordering.

Introducing the Xbox Series X TV Console

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So if someone now wants to buy a new generation console, he has only one option – Xbox Series S. It is offered in stores for CZK 7,999, which is the same amount as at launch.

Most interested parties clearly prefer the more powerful Xko. Really, though, the version with the letter S in the name definitely has something to offer. It’s a lot more compact, while still offering pretty solid performance, which is good enough to run modern games. Especially if you have a Full HD TV and not a more modern 4K device, the Xbox Series S will be a good choice.

The cheaper Xbox Series S is based on the same concept as its smaller brother. Instead of black, however, the manufacturer bets on white, with only a circular ventilation hole on the black side. Compared to the Xke, the novelty is also much more compact – it is narrower and at the same time less.

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A small novelty will offer faster SSD drives with a capacity of 512 GB. The graphics core supports ray tracing, i.e. more faithful graphics. The console is able to render shadows, highlights and reflections more naturally. The Xbox Series S should have enough performance to run at 1440p, up to 120 frames per second. Similarly, the console provides enough system resources to convert the game from Full HD to 4K (upscaling). However, the Series X console is built more for full-blown 4K gaming.

For the sake of completeness, let’s add that the Xbox Series X is priced at CZK 13,490 in stores. For PlayStation 5, potential applicants will pay the exact same amount, the digital version version without an optical drive is cheaper – it costs CZK 10,790.

Introducing the PlayStation 5 TV console from Sony

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