New rumors about Apple, Canon, Nikon, OM System, Panasonic, Sigma and voigtländer

New rumors about Apple, Canon, Nikon, OM System, Panasonic, Sigma and voigtländer

Apple: The new iMacs just haven’t arrived in the spring? +++ Canon: Two super zooms for the EOS R in the works? +++ Nikon: Z 85mm F/1.2 S Coming? +++ OM System: Will the WoW camera still be called Olympus? +++ Panasonic: GH6 with no shutter effect? +++ Sigma: Lenses for the Fuji X this month? +++ Vogtländer: Lens for L-mount and Nikon Z soon too?

She Apple The fact that new 27-inch iMacs with Apple chips will be presented in March was long considered certain by insiders. Now there are increasing signs that Apple may not be able to keep the deadline. The rumor mills also believe they know a reason for the possible delay: the upcoming 27-inch iMacs that image editors have been waiting for a long time are said to be equipped with mini-LED displays. Huh. However, with these special displays, there are worldwide delivery issues. One thing is certain: Apple will introduce a new, especially powerful Mac mini M1 Pro/Max in March.

canon The EOS-R could bring two very interesting super zooms to the system: 200-500mm f/4 or 300-800mm f/8. A patent that has now surfaced describes these two zooms, which are very interesting for wildlife or sports photographers. Will Canon realize two lenses? As always with patent specifications, this is uncertain.

Illustration of the optical design for the RF 200-500mm F/4 or 300-800mm F/8 from Canon US Patent.

She nicono The highest speed lens can offer for its Z system, the manufacturer has introduced the Z 58mm 1:0.95 Noct. has launched proven effective, However, it may not be the end of the road. Anyway, rumor mongers say Nikon is working on the Z 85mm F/1.2 S. It will definitely come equipped with an autofocus unlike the Noct.

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ohm system (Olympus) announces camera launch for February 15 – The long-awaited “Wow” camera? In any case, there is no topic in the rumor mills that is currently heating up. Even the supposedly authentic technical specifications are already circulating. Accordingly, the resolution for the MFT sensor remains at around 20 megapixels. The serial frame rate of 120 fps, which has already been mentioned several times, also seems to be confirmed. Can autofocus keep up? And one question that will certainly worry fans of the brand: Will the Olympus logo still adorn the new camera?

as well Panasonic Will soon introduce a long-awaited camera: the GH6. more details than already known specifications Hardly leaked. That’s all: the GH6 should have a very fast sensor. So the rolling shutter effect should be a thing of the past. Rumor has it that the GH6’s autofocus can operate up to five times faster than the GH5’s. We’ll know more on February 22 when Panasonic officially unveils the GH6.

brings sigma The long-awaited lens for the Fuji X-mount this month? At least that’s what the rumor mongers on Fuji Rumors want to know. Three fixed focal lengths are expected, with focal lengths of 16, 30 and 56 millimeters. Lenses calculated for half the format belong to the cheap contemporary series.


Will the Voigtlander Nokton D 35mm f/1.2 (here’s the Fuji X variant) be available for the Nikon Z soon?

From vogtlander The rumor mills are also expecting a new lens soon. For the first time: a lens with mounts for the Leica L and Nikon Z. From Nikon to mirrorless, APS-C lens Nokton D 35mm f/1.2 – probably a Fuji X. version 35 for, In addition, the Heliar 40mm f/2.8 Aspherical is on the door, a must have for the Leica M and with the Leica L-mount for the first time by Voigtländer.

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