News 24 | 8 types of intelligence … which one do you have?

  News 24 |  8 types of intelligence ... which one do you have?

Man has 8 types of intelligence to process information, and it takes various forms, and is not limited to logical intelligence, as some people believe, and we find it in this report.

spatial intelligence

Spatial intelligence enables its owner to recognize directions, faces, and locations, it enhances the sense of image and perception of spatial dimensions, and those most famous of this intelligence officer are sculptors, painters, graphic designers, ship captains And engineers.

Physical-kinetic intelligence

People with physical kinetic intelligence are distinguished by their ability to control body movements and use them creatively, and they like movement sports such as football or dance, and they also do construction work.

Musical intelligence

Musical intelligence provides the ability to distinguish rhythm and melody and can extend musical instruments and songs. Celebrities with musical intelligence include Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix, and Aretha Frankley.

Linguistic intelligence

People with linguistic intelligence have the ability to use language to think words and convey meaning, and this type is the most widespread, as it allows communication between humans, and a potential career for people with linguistic intelligence. Among the options: poet, novelist, journalist and lawyer.

Logical mathematical intelligence

The ability to logically analyze problems and conduct mathematical operations is called logical-mathematical intelligence, and people with this intelligence can be programmers, accountants, or engineers, and the most famous of those who enjoyed it was Albert Einstein And there is Bill Gates, who is skilled in developing equations. , Evidence and solution to abstract problems.

Intelligence among individuals

The ability to interact with others, understand their feelings and motivations, and communicate well indicates interpersonal intelligence, which is the intelligence that requires the survival of careers of sailors, psychiatrists, politicians, and negotiators.

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Personal intelligence

The ability of a person to understand himself and his feelings, determine his strengths and weaknesses, define his goals and his relationship with others, is known as personal intelligence, and in psychologists, spiritual leaders, and inventors Often there is this type of intelligence.

Natural intelligence

Natural intelligence means distinguishing between living things, and understanding the nuances of nature, and between the professions in which this intelligence owns: geologist, farmer, botanist, biologist, and flower arranger.


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