News 24 | SABIC partners with Microsoft to produce Ocean Plastic Mouse

  News 24 |  SABIC partners with Microsoft to produce Ocean Plastic Mouse

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) announced its collaboration with Microsoft to create a “computer mouse” with an exoskeleton that recycled 20% from oceans and waterways as part of a new trend towards the production of modern industries. Plastic is included. related to the environment and sustainability.

SABIC explained that it was successful in collaborating with Microsoft’s design team to access materials that met the quality requirements set by Microsoft, and the plastics developed by SABIC made up 20% of the total material for the exterior structure of the product, while the The target set was only 10%.

It indicated that it intended to develop a new type of Zenoy resin, which would be one of the compounds of the new synthetic material, and that it would be used in (Microsoft) products as part of the TrueCircle™ product and services package. will be presented as Because 20% of this resin will be recycled plastic from the oceans.

It is expected that for every 1,000 tons of this resin, 24 million plastic 0.5 liter (single-use) water bottles will be removed from the oceans, their waterways or nearby beaches.

Abdullah Al-Otaabi, general manager of Engineering Thermoplastics and Marketing Solutions at SABIC, said that this solution represents a breakthrough for the company in overcoming the challenges of recycling marine plastics, which are exposed to sunlight and water due to their loses many of its original properties.

Frank Kuijpers, General Manager of Sustainability at SABIC, explained that this growth in the TruCircle™ products and services portfolio is a positive result of working to expand the establishment of collaboration relationships across the value chain and deliver new value from used plastics. Creating more durable materials..

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