Nico Rosberg exits TV show “The Lions Den”

Nico Rosberg exits TV show

( – Nico Rosberg is no longer a part of the TV show “The Lions Den”, As reported by ‘Build’ newspaper, The 2016 Formula 1 world champion has been a part of the entrepreneurship show since season eight, but will no longer be from 2023. As the ‘Build’ newspaper claimed to learn, ” [Rosberg] Sell ​​well as a private label, but they have little entrepreneurial skills”.

Nico Rosberg is no longer a part of the TV show “The Lion’s Den”


In the five seasons Rosberg has been part of, he has struck 11 deals, five of which fell through in post-show talks. In all, he invested around 700,000 euros for the show, mostly in start-ups with a strong technology focus.

After the German ended his Formula 1 career after winning the title in 2016, he focused more on entrepreneurship and also advocated sustainable ideas. In 2020 he entered the Extreme E Racing Series with his team. Purely electric SUVs travel to the far flung places of the world to draw attention to the climate crisis.

But even before appearing on the Vox show, Rosberg was an entrepreneur and investor. For example, in 2018, he entered the FIA ​​Formula E Championship. He also invested in a marketing and e-scooter start-up or worked as an organizer of Greentech Festival in Berlin.

Rosberg was also in the limelight in 2022 because Formula 1 imposed a paddock ban on him. Rosberg has not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19, but it is a prerequisite for access to the main square’s sanctum. As an expert on Sky, he had to be virtually connected to his actions.

Rosberg justified his decision by saying that he developed so many antibodies after a COVID infection that his doctor initially advised him against vaccination.


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