Nida al-Watan: Al-Khouri did not resolve the summons to bring Diab to internal security

Nida al-Watan: Al-Khouri did not resolve the summons to bring Diab to internal security

Some were mentioned in the title Nida al-Watan:

Attention was drawn yesterday to the reactivation of the judicial investigator in the Beirut port blasts, to activate the summons against Judge Tariq Bitter, former prime minister Hassan Diab, in conjunction with the referral of the discriminatory public prosecutor, Judge Sabu Suleiman, three Appeal to employees in Beirut for the Public Prosecution, accusing them of crimes of “illicit enrichment and money laundering”.

In connection with Diab’s summons, the Public Prosecution of Appeals received a fresh warrant against him from the judicial investigator “and to bring him 24 hours before the date of his interrogation session as defendant on 20 September.” Sources accompanying the file explained that the new memo is “based on the same content of the previous note, but that Diab’s position has changed to that of former prime minister and after leaving the Grand Serail his residence has moved from the Grand Serail to “Al-Khayat Hill”. His house in the area has turned into a new government.

At a time when media outlets reported that the discriminatory attorney-general, Judge Ghassan al-Khouri, had sent the new memorandum against Diab to the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces for implementation, sources revealed that al-Khouri had “right now The memorandum was transferred to the internal security forces, but the matter is still being studied to determine the party.” Security forces will be tasked with enforcing summons to bring down Diab,” noting that “the matter is very delicate and sensitive. , especially since Diab has an official security team charged with protecting him in his capacity as a former prime minister, and the reporting process must be in such a way as to ensure that Diab’s security team and No tension can arise between any other security mechanisms.

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On the other hand, after the news of his departure to the United States through Turkish territory spread, to avoid being brought and interrogated in the current session of the 20th of this month before the judicial investigator, Diab confirmed in a press statement. of that night when he actually went to the United States “to see his two sons, where they continue to study medicine at two American universities.” And he longs for them,” explaining from inside the plane carrying him that he will leave Istanbul airport “for the United States, and to be out of the country for about four weeks so that he can live with his two sons.” who are in two different states,” then promised to return to Lebanon.

In a related context, well-informed sources reported that “the judicial body is awaiting the public prosecution of discrimination to respond to the formal defense presented by the defendant, former minister Joseph Fanianos,” noting that “this incident In discriminatory delay in responding or refusing to respond, it will be that you have contributed to the “flying” of his hearing and inquiry.

The same sources also revealed that the judicial investigator will complete his interrogation with the defendants of Lebanese army officers in the port blast file on the 27th and 28th of this month, in order to determine the proportion of responsibility at the level of the army’s command staff. Can you Time with reference to non-fulfillment of his duties to remove danger from ammonium nitrate shipment.

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